June 2019 Newsletter

Welcome New MiALA Members

Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
Laura Berdish

Baker College
Diane Childress

Delta College
Anthony Willard

Kristie DeVlieger

Candidate Information Announced

It's election time! Voting for our new board, committee, and Interest Group Coordinating Council leadership starts today June 3. All current MiALA members will receive an email with a link to the ballot that morning. We thought it'd be exciting to offer sneak peek at the individuals who are running for our open positions. http://miala.org/election_central.php
We're thrilled to have such talented people running for office. Help shape the future of MiALA by voting between June 3 and June 14.
Questions can be directed to any member of the Nominations/Elections Committee:
Jessica Sender, Chair - jsender@lib.msu.edu       
Elizabeth Webster -  ewebster@msu.edu
Molly Lederman - mledermann@wccnet.edu
Jeremy Barney - barneycj@hope.edu
Sarah Kolk - smk23@calvin.edu
Suzanne Bernsten - bernss@star.lcc.edu

President's Message

Paul Gallagher

The conference was a big success!  A very special thank you to the many, many people who contributed their time and energy to making it happen!  To our twenty-nine conference committee volunteers – including co-chairs Ashley Blinstrub and Scott Mellendorf – our generous sponsors, institutional members, and the good folks at Saginaw Valley State University, thank you for your hard work and support!  I would also like to thank everyone who presented, shared a poster, or attended; this event wouldn’t be possible without you!

At the conference on Tuesday, MiALA conducted its annual membership meeting.  For those who were unable to attend, I would like to relay some of my comments here and share a very brief update on the status of the organization.
By the numbers, MiALA is in very good shape.  Individual memberships rose to 380 two days before the conference, which is an all-time high.  We continue to see members register for both retiree and student memberships and are glad that MiALA can support its members in every stage of their careers.  We have also seen increases with institutional memberships, with 27 organizations supporting MiALA and its efforts over the last year.
Treasurer Clayton Hayes provided a budgetary update, and the key take-a-way is that MiALA remains fiscally healthy!  We have grown a small fund balance from both operating and the conference budgets, and the board for this year and next will be looking at ways to direct this towards the membership.

Related to the budget, the MiALA Board is interested in further supporting interest groups and providing more opportunities to sponsor programs.  The Board has budgeted additional funds for events to the tune of nine-thousand dollars, which will allow interest groups to put on more, and larger events.  We are also excited to see the Interest Group Coordinating Committee get off the ground this year to support the efforts of our 16 interest groups.
Last year MiALA enjoyed numerous new partnerships, including with the Mid-Michigan Digital Practitioners, the Michigan Instruction Exchange, the Michigan Archival Association, and most recently the Michigan Health Sciences Library Association.  We continue to partner with the Academic Library Association of Ohio, along with our good friends at the Michigan Coordinating Partners.  Thank you to all the great people in these organizations for working with MiALA, we share many common ideas and values, and are doing some great work together.

Lastly, MiALA is pleased to announce the formation of a Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Task Force, focused on making MiALA a welcoming place where everyone is included.  A special thank you to board member Helen Look from the University of Michigan for her efforts to get things started.  Stay tuned for ways to get involved!

Member Spotlight

Jessica Shuck

Jessica sitting at event smilingWhat are you currently reading?
I usually have a few books going. I have a decent commute so I love audiobooks! I am finishing up The Good Neighbor (read by Mr. Reading Rainbow himself, Lavar Burton- which has brought about a lot of nostalgia!). I just started Maid by Stephanie Land, which has been really impactful. I'm also reading Escape Rooms and other Immersive Experiences in the Library and Green Revolution, as well as various picture books.

What are your research interests?
My research interests include information literacy, library instruction assessment, library outreach, and recently on a more personal level, sustainability.

Do you have hobbies or interests outside of the library?
My husband and I have two young kids (ages 5 and 3) and two dogs who keep us very busy! Aside from reading and spending time with my family, I love doing anything outside- walking, hiking, kayaking and swimming, really anything in nature or by water. I love to dig in the dirt and attempt to garden but I'm mostly just good at perennials.

What drew you to the library profession?
I genuinely love serving other people- connecting someone with what they want or need is exciting to me. It's funny because while I was in high school and college and I had never even considered it a career path. I started volunteering in a school library my junior year of college just for some experience. The school librarian told me about a page position at the public library. Once I started working part-time at GRPL I was hooked and I realized that it could be a great option for me.

What do you value about MiALA?
MiALA is an amazing organization! I love being part of a group of people who are so smart and friendly and helpful. It's been great making connections with so many of you and realizing that we can all help and grow with each other. I'm so thankful for the many opportunities MiALA offers in terms of leadership experience, learning, and collaboration.
MiALA Newsletter - June 2019 Newsletter