August 2015

Interest Groups

MI-ALA now has twelve different interest groups for members to engage with. Want to form your own interest group or attract members to an existing one? You can email all members through the MI-ALA listserv at

MI-ALA Calendar

Board Meeting

Board Meeting

Board Meeting

Board Meeting

Events and Opportunities

Re-Think it: Libraries for a New Age
Grand Valley State University

2015 ALA-Ohio Annual Conference 

Lewis Center, Ohio 

Library of Michigan Continuing Education Stipends 
Requests reviewed quarterly 

Welcome to the MI-ALA Monthly Newsletter

If you have content you'd like included in the newsletter, whether it's from an Interest Group, Committee or Section, or about a community event or opportunity, email by the 24th of the month.
-Terence O'Neill, Communications Chair

News From the Board

Contract renewed with MCLS
We'be renewed our contract with MCLS for administrative and membership services for another year. We plan on investigating the possibility of entering into a a 3-year contract next year.

Board liaisons have been assigned to sections and committees
Administrative Section: Paul Gallagher
Collections Section: Barbara Bolek
User Experience Section: David Scott
Communications Committee: Christina Radisauskas
Conference Committee: Stephanie Mathson
Executive Committee: Rachel Minkin
Membership Committee: Scott Garrison
Nominations Committee: Stephanie Delano Davis
12 Approved Interest Groups:

Adhoc committee on bylaws
In the past year, we've discovered that there are a things that need to be addressed and/or clarified in our bylaws. In the coming year, the board plans to create an adhoc committee of members to recommend changes to our current bylaws based on current needs and procedures.  

MI-ALA now an ACRL chapter
An FAQ was created to address the relationship between ACRL and MI-ALA and what it means to have two chapters in Michigan.
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