Meet Jane Scales - November Member Spotlight

Jane Scales
Instructional Librarian
Cleary University

What are you currently reading?
Deep in a Dream: The Long Night of Chet Baker by James Gavin
Young Tom by Forrest Reid
Librarians and Instructional Designers: Collaboration and Innovation

What are your research interests?
learning assessment, qualitative research, multimedia and learning theories, instructional design, digital repositories

Do you have hobbies or interests outside of the library?
Listening to jazz and blues; traveling when times permit; going to see live theater

What drew you to the library profession?
Like many of us, I suppose, I stumbled into the librarian profession. I had always spent a lot of time in libraries and bookstores when I was growing up. What sealed the deal for me what my experience being a graduate assistant for a professor at the Ohio State University. I loved digging through tomes and databases to find information. A friend of mine who was in the same program at the time started talking about going to “library school,” and the idea stuck with me. We both ended up going to the same program to get our MLIS!

What do you value about MiALA?
Having lived in Michigan for just over a year now, MiALA has been a way for me to meet some fantastic people. As I’m running a one-librarian library, networking is critical. I’ve met a number of dedicated professionals who have helped me learn about aspects of librarianship that I had not been exposed to before. I really value these friendships and look forward to making more of them!

Is there anything else that you would like to share?
I just want to thank everyone involved in MiALA for working so hard during the pandemic to keep the programs going. It’s a difficult time, but we’ll get through it and be stronger on the other side.