April Member Spotlight - Meet Hazel McClure

Hazel McClure
Liaison to English, Writing, Environmental Studies, and Digital Studies
Grand Valley State University

and a recipient of the 2018 MiALA Annual Conference Scholarship

What are you currently reading?
Over the last week, I've been reading some of my favorite poets, including Alice Notley, Brenda Hillman, and CD Wright. I draw strength and inspiration from the language and images and social justice implications of their poems. I also just picked up a book that an English professor is teaching in a graduate environmental literature course this summer. It's entitled Experimental Animals [A Reality Fiction] by Thalia Field; I started it over breakfast and it is so interesting -- it is historical and seems like it will be dealing with animal rights and gender inequality -- I think it's going to seek to give voice to some of the voiceless in our history.

What are your research interests?

Information literacy threshold concepts, high impact information literacy learning, and collaborations with disciplinary faculty.

Do you have hobbies or interests outside the library?

I am a steady, slow-but-dedicated jogger, and I love to hike, play soccer, and be outside. I'm a single mom of two incredible teens, so being with them and talking to them about the world is one of my great joys and privileges these days. And I love to travel to towns I've never been to in order to explore and look for great running paths.

What drew you to the library profession?

Honestly, books were the first draw when I was an undergraduate English major and I sought my first library job as a work study student in tech services at Central Michigan University. Later, working at a public library as a library page, my interest became about people. I loved that the library was host to so many interactions and served so many needs for folks from all walks of life in a neighborhood in Oakland, CA. I loved the intersection of helping people and learning about what they were curious about; working there was when I decided to pursue an MLS.

What do you value about MiALA?

I value that MiALA supports community and gives academic librarians in Michigan and surrounding states venues to share our interests, research, and challenges.