Committee Chair Candidate Information

Committee Chair Candidate Information

Advocacy (one-year term) (no nominations received)

Communications & Marketing (one-year term) (no nominations received)  

Membership (one-year term)


Alexandra Hauser

Brief biography
My name is Alex Hauser and I am a Business Librarian at Michigan State University. I have been a librarian at MSU for nearly 3 years and a librarian for nearly 6 years.

List prior leadership experience
Secretary, Special Libraries Association - Michigan chapter

Why would you like to serve as chair for the membership committee?
I have been a member of the MiALA Membership Committee for 2 years now and have enjoyed working as a team to identify and expand on opportunities for MiALA members. For example, I have worked with the current committee this year to build a framework for a new mentoring program for MiALA members and I would like to continue working on this project. Serving as chair of the Membership committee will allow me bring the mentoring project to fruition, to grow personally as a leader, as well as continue to build on and provide opportunities to MiALA members in collaboration with the Membership committee.

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