2019 AC Breakout Session Descriptions

2019 Annual Conference Program Information


A La Carte, Á La Canvas: Serving the library to students through a menu of Canvas tools

How does your library show up in your campus' Learning Management System (LMS)? The presenters will show and tell their deepening level of integration with their institution's Canvas LMS, including a deeper look at systematic integration of library tools, the creation of library tutorial modules, and uniquely embedding librarians into courses. This presentation is suited for those new or interested in using their institution's LMS and for those with experience. 
Presenters: Naomi Binnie, Digital Education Librarian, University of Michigan
   Diana Perpich, Educational Technologies Librarian, University of Michigan
   Alexander Deeke, Digital Learning Librarian, University of Michigan
Session Type:  Mini-Presentation
Topic Tag:  Distance or Online Learning


Case Studies in Decolonizing Collection Development

Historically and in the present day, models of collection development can fall into preexisting, and problematic, colonial patterns in which materials are removed from their places of origin across power differentials. While new partnerships internationally or within western countries but working with historically marginalized groups strive to combat these issues, they can still fall short of true decolonization. What problems still occur in these sorts of partnerships and what might a successful partnership look like?
Presenter: Zoë McLaughlin, South and Southeast Asia Librarian, Michigan State University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Collections & Critical Librarianship


Celebrating University Milestones: Special Collections Programming to Document Campus Cultural and Historical Changes

Wayne State University celebrated it sesquicentennial in 2018 and encouraged campus-wide activities to help promote 150 years of its history. Our University Archives and Special Collections are two separate units on campus, so while the actual documentary evidence of the university's existence resided in the archives, Special Collections took the creative approach to provide the cultural context for the university's history in a successful series of programs, exhibits and activities.
Presenters: Cindy Krolikowski, Special Collections Librarian, Wayne State University
   Richard Buboltz, Library Assistant III, Wayne State University
   Rachael Clark, Collections Strategy & Assessment Librarian, Wayne State University  
   Alison Greenlee, Special Collections Metadata Librarian, Wayne State University
Session Type:  Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Collections, Special Collections, & Community Engagement


Collaborative Collection Strategies in Budget Tightening and Resource Sharing Environments

Discuss with your colleagues how collaborative collection strategies can stretch limited budgets and contribute to developing collections of greater depth and breadth. Examine the challenges libraries face in forming and implementing collaborative collection development practices. Share examples of best practices of collection strategies in resource sharing environments and how to identify and resolve the challenges inherent in these efforts. Come away with an enhanced understanding of the benefits of collaborative collection strategies among varying participants.
Presenters: Helen Levenson, Collection Development Librarian, Oakland University
   Katherine Mason, Collections Librarian, Eastern Michigan University
   Matthew Buckley, Research & Collection Development Librarian, Saginaw Valley State University
   Mike Hawthorne, Director, Resource & Collections Strategy Services, Wayne State University
Session Type: Facilitated Discussion
Topic Tags:  Collections & Resource Sharing


Communicating for Project Management Success: Pro-tips from Accidental Project Managers

Library professionals are often asked to lead projects; yet, few are given the training to proceed with confidence. This session will address major aspects of a successful project communication and management: understanding how to propose projects; skills and tools to initiate, plan, and manage projects efficiently and effectively; and knowing how to wrangle the tasks that make up projects. We will also cover how to communicate and lead through influence within a project team setting.
Presenters: Annie Bélanger, Dean of Libraries, Grand Valley State University
   Preethi Gorecki, Liaison Librarian for Business, Grand Valley State University
   Jesus Espinoza, Resident Librarian, University of Michigan 
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Leadership & Mid-Level Management


Communicating the Value of Liaison Work:  A Discussion Group for New Liaison Librarians

New liaison librarians face a variety of challenges when starting a new position. In order to create a support system for these new professionals, two new librarians formed the New Liaisons Discussion Group (NLDG) for the discussion of challenges, solutions, and ideas for new liaisons at their institution. Presenters will report on the first year of the NLDG and discuss how other new librarians can form similar groups at their own institution.
Presenters: Elizabeth Webster, Teaching & Learning Librarian and James Madison College Liaison, Michigan State University
   Grace Haynes, Music Librarian, Michigan State University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Liaisons & Professional Development


Community College Lightning Talks: Communicating & Promoting Library Value

Learn the many ways to communicate and promote your library's value through short lightning talks. This session of five-minute talks features six speakers, each discussing an idea or issue especially important to community college libraries. Topics will range from faculty engagement to proving value to administration to dealing with the needs of a varied student population. A great way to quickly share ideas that are working for community colleges throughout Michigan!
Presenters: Jen Fiero, Reference & Instructional Librarian, Jackson College (Moderator)
   Darlene Johnson-Bignotti, Librarian, Oakland Community College
  Suzanne Bernsten, Web Services Librarian, Lansing Community College
  Tina Ulrich, Director of Library Services, Northwestern Michigan College
  Sandy McCarthy, Distance Learning Liaison, Washtenaw Community College
  Kendra Lake, Dean of Library Services and Academic Technology, St. Clair County Community College
  Stephanie Davis, Group Purchasing Manager, Midwest Collaborative for Library Services
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tag:  Community Colleges


Editorial Authority is a Moving Target: Algorithmic Ads, Consumer Health, and Information Literacy

When asked to show undergraduate students in a public health class how to evaluate online consumer health resources, I discovered that the task was complicated by the re-use of information between sites, and by changing mechanisms for online advertising and editorial control. This presentation will discuss the lesson plan I ultimately created, as well as some of the challenges posed by algorithmic advertising to website evaluation. 
Presenter: Chana Kraus-Friedberg, Health Sciences Librarian, Michigan State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Education and Curriculum & Instruction and Information Literacy


E-learning Ourselves and E-leading Others: Bringing structure and sustainability to the online library instruction environment

Librarians are tasked with increasing online instruction content to support students, but an often overlooked challenge is managing, coordinating, and organizing both new and existing content, such as online tutorials, videos, and modules. Two librarians found that a team-based approach helped to bring a high-quality solution to this sometimes messy area of librarianship. Learn how to empower and support library staff to manage and create high quality content by re-visualizing e-learning at your institution.
Presenters: Naomi Binnie, Digital Education Librarian, University of Michigan
   Alexander Deeke, Digital Learning Librarian, University of Michigan 
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tag:  Distance or Online Learning


Failing Forward: A journey on the path to Digital Signage Success

Digital signs are a popular item in academic spaces. When it comes to the many aspects of implementing digital signs - content, functionality, accessibility, and more - how can we get it all right? This presentation documents a three-year journey of the ups and downs of the digital sign initiative at Michigan State University Libraries. We will explore a series of missteps, miscalculations, frustrations, and close calls, all of which ultimately lead us toward success.
Presenter: Joshua Sanchez, User Experience & Assessment Librarian, Michigan State University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Accessibility & User Experience


I am Oz the great and powerful:  elevator pitches to pull back the curtain on the value of Technical Services

When asked about your work, what do you say?  Technical services staff make things happen behind the curtain, so to speak.  Communicating the value of that work to a variety of stakeholders, especially in light of shrinking budgets and shifting demands is more important than ever.  This facilitated discussion will provide an introduction to the art of elevator pitches and prompts to get you started. 
Presenters: Susan Ponischil, Metadata & Resource Discovery Librarian, Grand Valley State University
   Beth Johns, Electronic Resources Librarian, Saginaw Valley State University
   Francene Lewis, Head of Collection Management, Calvin College
Session Type: Facilitated Discussion
Topic Tags:  Outreach & Technical Services


Inclusive Spaces: Reflecting Our Community's Values

Library users want to see themselves and their values reflected in our physical spaces. When library professionals are open to feedback, our users will tell us what they need. In turn, our users can help us build support for inclusive spaces. Join our panelists to learn from their experiences in planning and creating inclusive spaces, including a multi-faith reflection space, inclusive restrooms, and a room for nursing parents.
Presenters: Jennifer Dean, Dean, University of Detroit Mercy
   Sara Armstrong, Associate Dean, University of Detroit Mercy
   Amy Keyzer, Administrative Assistant, University of Detroit Mercy
   Nicole Shorter, Circulation Assistant, University of Detroit Mercy
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tags:  Critical Librarianship & User Experience


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Critical Librarianship!: Comics and Exhibits for Critical Library Pedagogy

Academic libraries can have a valuable role in questioning cultural, social, political, and other norms and assumptions that influence the creation of information. This presentation demonstrates how to create a richer opportunity for community engagement through critical pedagogical use of an exhibit that employed comics and graphic novels for an inclusive, reflective and connective library environment that offered cross-disciplinary viewpoints on identity, diversity, social change and historical context.
Presenter: Gerald Natal, University of Toledo
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Critical Librarianship & Instruction and Information Literacy


Making Collections More Visible with Zooniverse 

Learn how to create a sense of public ownership of library resources through citizen science projects. In this workshop, we will discuss the components needed to make a successful citizen science project with the Zooniverse platform, and the possibilities for engaging the general public in the creation of knowledge while increasing the visibility of your collections.
Presenter: Kelly Hovinga, Shapiro Design Lab Program Assistant - Community and Citizen Science Team Lead, University of Michigan
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Electronic Resources & Outreach 


Our People Matter Most: Emergency Planning at Central Michigan University Libraries 

The most valuable part of any library is the people. Emergencies can happen at any time, and libraries must be prepared to communicate and respond to keep people safe.  A year ago, Central Michigan University Libraries responded to an act of violence on campus. From this experience, we identified strengths and discovered opportunities to improve. Learn what steps we have taken to be better prepared, and share suggestions for consideration at your library. 
Presenters: Sandra Standish, Access Services Supervisor, Central Michigan University
   Susan Powers, Manager/Librarian, Access Services and Resource Sharing, Central Michigan University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Leadership & Access Services 


Promoting Libraries as Partners in Scholarly Publishing: A Needs Assessment of Faculty Knowledge & Attitudes Regarding Predatory Journals

An unfortunate consequence of the Open Access movement is predatory journals, whose sole purpose is profit, not disseminating quality, peer-reviewed research. Publishing in such journals can negatively impact faculty reputations and promotion/tenure. We'll share results from a campus-wide survey of faculty knowledge and attitudes regarding predatory journals. Also, we will discuss practical tips, that can be implemented at any institution, on how to promote the library as valuable partner in assessing journal quality. 
Presenters: Joanna Thielen, Research Data and Science Librarian, Oakland University
   Stephanie Swanberg, Information Literacy and eLearning Librarian, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
   Nancy Bulgarelli, Medical Library Director, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Research Services or Reference & Scholarly Communication


Promoting the Value of OER through the Michigan OER Network: Visualizing Access, Equity, and Customization for All Michigan Students

The MI OER Network is underway!  Come hear about the new statewide collaboration between K-12, community colleges, private colleges, and public institutions of higher education that is helping to bring equity and access to the students of Michigan through Open Educational Resources. Participate in an interactive discussion to learn how you can implement OER initiatives at your institution and contribute to the statewide OER action plan.  
Presenters: Kristy Motz, Ferris State University
   Kelly Clark, Director Instructional Design, Baker College
   Ronda Edwards, Executive Director - Michigan Colleges Online
   Regina Gong, OER Project Manager - Lansing Community College
   Poonam Kumar, Director of The Center for Academic Innovation, Saginaw Valley State University
   Ann-Marie Mapes, Educational Technology Manager and Director MI Go-Open, Michigan Department of Education
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tags:  Education and Curriculum & Open Educational Resources


Sharing Our Value through Critical Librarianship  

What does the practice of critical librarianship look like in the workplace?  What value does it provide?  A panel of practicing librarians share their "boots on the ground" experiences and insights.  Panelists representing key areas of librarianship, including administration & collections, digital publishing & open access, instruction, reference, and technical services, will talk about critical librarianship through their unique lens and discuss how they have applied it to their work.
Presenters: Susan Ponischil, Metadata & Resource Discovery Librarian, Grand Valley State University
   Virginia C. Thomas, Director, Arthur Neef Law Library, Wayne State University
   Mary Kickham-Samy, Director, Nancy A. McDonough Geschke Library, Marygrove College
   Joshua Neds-Fox, Coordinator for Digital Publishing, Wayne State University
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tag:  Critical Librarianship


Start presenting your own digital privacy workshops

Patrons may not realize it, but protecting their personal data online is more important now than ever, and academic libraries are in a unique place to provide guidance on just how to do that. Using information from WMU Libraries' first foray into this kind of presentation, along with recommendations and curricular resources from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Library Freedom Project, and others, this session will demonstrate how you can begin teaching this valuable skill.
Presenter: Joshua Enos, Client Support Specialist, Western Michigan University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Education and Curriculum & Technology


Student Success "Outside-the-Box"

Click here for an additional handout on escape room questions
Traditional instruction methods, while serving a vital purpose, may not excite students as much as other events on campus. Using "outside-the-box" ideas to engage students while challenging them to think critically and interact with library resources allows libraries to reach students in new and creative ways. During this session, we will describe the design, learning goals, and outcomes of a game night, escape room, and pop-ups our library system created that focus on student success.
Presenters: Katie Iversen, Graduate Student Assistant/SIS Graduate 2019, Wayne State University
   Louiza Taylor, LIS Student, Wayne State University
   Veronica Bielat, Student Success Librarian III, Wayne State University
   Matthew Wisotsky, Assoc. Director of User Experience Support Services, Wayne State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Instruction and Information Literacy & Outreach


Telling Our Story: Creating a Departmental Annual Report

The Collections Assessment & Access Department at Ohio University Libraries in Athens, OH created a departmental mission statement and annual report to demonstrate the accomplishments of the department and to serve as a convenient vehicle for commonly-requested data needs. The presenters will discuss the evolution of the report, share the departmental mission statement, and summarize the components of the report so attendees may implement similar strategies in their own departments and libraries. 
Presenters: Katy Mathuews, Head of Collections Assessment & Access and Coordinating Director of Specialized Collections, Ohio University
   Patrick Koga, Library Support Specialist, Ohio University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Administration & Assessment and Evaluation


That Textbook Costs How Much?!?! Implementing an Affordable Textbook Program at the Michigan State University Libraries

To help alleviate the financial stress students experience due to expensive textbooks, the Michigan State University (MSU) Libraries implemented an affordable textbook program in the 2018-19 academic year. This presentation will describe the MSU Libraries' affordable textbook program processes and procedures, budget, participating courses and student usage, lessons learned, and areas identified for improvement. Preliminary results from a survey sent to students in participating courses will also be shared.
Presenter: Heidi Schroeder, Accessibility Coordinator, Michigan State University
Session Type:  Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Collections & Education and Curriculum


The (In)Credible Library Ambassador: Harnessing the Power of Students as Advocates

This presentation will explore the benefits of using student employees as advocates to demonstrate the value of library resources and services to their peers. Western Michigan University Libraries' uses students as ambassadors who lead first-year library orientations. The program leverages their credibility and authority as fellow students to promote the value of library resources and services. This program has also added value to the student ambassadors themselves, helping them develop transferable and marketable skills. 
Presenters: Dianna Sachs, Western Michigan University
   Megan E. Brown, User Services Coordinator, Western Michigan University
   Cheyenne Smigiel, Library Student Employee, Western Michigan University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Instruction and Information Literacy & Outreach


The Art of Questioning: Using Powerful Questions and Appreciative Inquiry Conversations to Understand Values and Needs

Have you desired a strengths-based holistic approach to create connections, change and innovation? Conversations connect thoughts and feelings, result in new ideas, develop new perspectives and understandings, and have an increased potential for action. Developing conversations where all are heard and hear others with respect and empathy is crucial to healthy organizations. By moving away from problem-fixing/reacting and learning to use powerful questions strategically, leaders and peers can effectively energize, co-create, and innovate. 
Presenters: Annie Bélanger, Dean of Libraries, Grand Valley State University
   Preethi Gorecki, Liaison Librarian for Business, Grand Valley State University 
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Leadership & Mid-Level Management


The Library as Research Lab

Evidence-based practice and the use of evidence in library practice is becoming increasingly important. The Institute for Museum and Library Services-funded Library as Research Lab Project enables library and information science master's students, academic librarians, and information science faculty to engage in a series of projects to hone research skills and develop evidence-based practices. This session features lab participants who will discuss how the lab has contributed to professional development and their research projects. 
Presenters: Elizabeth Yakel, University of Michigan 
   Doreen Bradley, Director of Learning Programs and Initiatives, University of Michigan
   Hilary Severyn, Student at the University of Michigan School of Information and student research participant in the Research and Scholarship Lab, U-M Library
   Sophia McFadden-Keesling, Student at the University of Michigan School of Information and student research participant in the Design Thinking Lab, U-M Library
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tags:  Assessment and Evaluation & Research Services or Reference


The Path Traveled: The Progress of a STEM Institution to Increase ADA Understanding and Compliance

Kettering University, a STEM school, is working to become even more ADA compliant to help students. What assistive technologies are available? Can the Library partner with other departments on campus? What accommodations can the Library assist with? These are questions I found myself asking about my Library. I am just starting this journey and beginning to ask these questions. What goals am I going to set, how will I accomplish them? Answers forthcoming.
Presenter: Dawn Olmsted Swanson, Technical Services Librarian, Kettering University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Accessibility & Assessment and Evaluation


The Value of Collaboration: Crossing Departmental Boundaries to Create Sustainable Learning Objects 

In this presentation, I will discuss my collaboration with the GVSU Libraries' User Experience team to develop sustainable learning objects that support users and demonstrate the value of the Libraries' virtual services. This project has shown the value of a cross-departmental collaboration within the library. In addition, the learning objects we have produced provide scalable and scaffolded support for our students. Participants will take away the best practices and lessons learned of a cross-departmental collaboration. 
Presenter: Maya Hobscheid, Instructional Design Librarian, Grand Valley State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Instruction and Information Literacy & User Experience


Towards High-Empathy Hiring: Implementing Leading Practices for More Inclusive Recruitment

Have you ever wondered if the interview process could be a kinder, more accessible experience, meant to develop connections? Would you like to  critically examine practices in the hiring process to ensure empathy to applicants going through the process? In taking a closer look at our own practices, collaborating with the Office of Inclusion and Equity, we have made changes, which have led to a more positive experience for candidates and our organizational outcomes.
Presenters: Sarah Beaubien, Grand Valley State University
   Annie Bélanger, Dean of Libraries, Grand Valley State University
   Scott Ayotte, JD, Director of Affirmative Action, Grand Valley State University 
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Accessibility & Inclusive hiring


Understanding the value of the librarian in digital scholarship: beyond tools and tutorials

Digital scholarship projects often include components that aren't mentioned in tool overviews and introductory workshops, including project management, digital preservation, and web development. Often overlooked as invisible labor, these skills and methods frequently constitute the developmental stages of scholarship. Librarians are ideally situated to take on this work as part of a project team. This talk will focus on communicating the value of librarian digital scholarship work to faculty, administrators, and fellow librarians.
Presenters: Megan Kudzia, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Michigan State University
   Andy Boyles Petersen, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Michigan State University
   Kristen Mapes, Assistant Director of Digital Humanities, Michigan State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags: Leadership & Digital Scholarship

Unleash the Tech: Implementing Large Scale Technology Projects in the Library

Large public-oriented technology projects are a growing part of the library ecosystem. This presentation will describe decision-making considerations for large scale technology, implementing workflows to allow for easy patron access and utilization, and working across University units to support these technologies. We will discuss these topics in relation to technologies we have introduced via MSU's Digital Scholarship Lab, primarily our immersive and large-scale display the 360, and also 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, and GIS implementations.
Presenters: Amanda Tickner, Michigan State University
   Terence O'Neill, Head of Digital Scholarship Lab, Michigan State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags: Technical Resources & Technology

Using Pop Culture to Add Value to Your Leadership Toolkit

Pop culture resources provide an entertaining way to cultivate the emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills required for successful leadership. This presentation will outline specific resources from bestselling books (Tiny Beautiful Things), TV Shows (In Treatment), and movies (Won't You Be My Neighbor, Moana) that can be used to cultivate a leadership tool kit for both positional and situational leadership. An interactive group brainstorm will create a more extensive list of resources for post-presentation reference.
Presenter: Jon Jeffryes, Head of Professional Programs, Grand Valley State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags: Leadership & Mid-Level Management

Whose question is it? Four perspectives on the referral process between service desk staff and liaison librarians

Additional Handouts
ACRL stats
MSU Referral
EMU Referral
WMU Referral
UM Dearborn Referral

One of the most critical interactions between academic library staff and library users occurs at service desks. Whether or not the interaction ends at the desk or a referral is made is handled differently at various public university libraries in Michigan. This panel will discuss important topics related to reference referrals, including training of student employees, procedures for referrals, and promotion of reference service as a value to the institution.  
Presenters: Jonathan Scherger, User Services Librarian, Western Michigan University
   Michele Behr, Instruction and Outreach Librarian, Western Michigan University 
   Sara Memmott, Information Services Librarian, Eastern Michigan University
   Rachel Minkin, Head of Reference Services, Michigan State University 
   Holly Sorscher, Head of User Services, University of Michigan-Dearborn
   Erin Weller, Head of Patron Services, Michigan State University
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tags: Research Services or Reference & User Experience

You're on Track: Electronically Consolidated Shipment Tracking and Its Impact on ILS Workflows CANCELED

A presentation and discussion on how electronically consolidated shipping and tracking can vastly improve the efficiency of your Interlibrary Services workflow.  
Presenter: Jonathan Callies, Lead Student Supervisor and Interlibrary Loan Specialist, Michigan State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags: Resource Sharing & Technical Resources