2018 Poster Session Information

2018 Poster Session Information


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Bring Zentangle to Your Library

Click here for handout 1. Click here for handout 2. Click here for handout 3. Click here for handout 4. Looking for a refreshing and innovative program to share with your students? Buoy an optimistic attitude and relieve stress with a Zentangle workshop.  Zentangle is a peaceful meditative approach to drawing patterns with black pen on white paper---no previous art experience necessary.  This easy drawing process boosts creativity, encourages focus, and promotes well-being. Learn how a session with a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) can benefit student (and staff) participants.
Presenter: Jane Reiter, Davenport University

Challenges and Triumphs: A School, Public, and Academic Library Collaboration

A public and an academic librarian in rural northern Michigan collaborated to bring together school library workers, who have not had a network with which to share their challenges and triumphs.  Bringing them all together will provide opportunities for training, professional growth, and the enrichment of libraries and students across the community.
Presenters: Renee Snodgrass, West Shore Community College
   Patti Skinner, Mason County District Library

Creating More Sustainable Public Computing and Printing Services

The four branches of the University Libraries function as one of the most popular public computing and printing labs on WMU’s campus. In recognition of this status, the IT Services department has taken several steps to reduce the environmental impact of these resources.
Presenters: Scott Russell, Western Michigan University
   Joshua Enos, Western Michigan University

Distance Outreach Within the Course Management System

Academic librarians with a faculty rank sometimes struggle with misconceptions about the kinds of work they are equipped to perform.  When fellow faculty members don't understand our role within the university, it follows that students may also not understand the kinds of questions that they can approach us with. Even more difficult is conveying our abilities to distance students who may never meet us face-to-face. Being embedded in an online class can be a wonderful point of contact for the students to have with a librarian as well as provide needed advocacy for a librarian's position in academia. This poster explores one such example of what this interaction could look like.
Presenter: Elizabeth Walker, Spring Arbor University

Engaging Student Patrons via Traditional and Experimental Technology

The University Libraries recognizes that student patrons are seeking to be engaged differently than they have been. They are expecting more self-service and for services to be delivered at their point of need. The IT Services department within the University Libraries is tackling several projects to meet these newer needs.
Presenters: Scott Russell, Western Michigan University
   James Lane, Western Michigan University
   Joshua Enos, Western Michigan University
   Roy Zimmer, Western Michigan University

From secondary to higher education: Ensuring success through instruction

How can librarians help students transition from secondary education to higher education? This poster demonstrates ways for instructors to incorporate common teaching strategies into higher education classrooms. By incorporating teaching strategies commonly used in primary and secondary education, librarians can help ensure the success of students transitioning from secondary education to higher education. In this example, the presenter suggests a lesson that incorporates a jigsaw method to have students interact with primary sources.
Presenter: Devon Davidoski, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (iSchool Student)

Goals That Sustain: An Approach to Create Engaging Goals That Get Done

Setting yearly goals can cause a lot of anxiety as librarians and staff strive to create a manageable workload that isn’t just a task list. This poster will outline an approach to building goals at the individual and team level that alleviate some of the stress, allow for creativity, and build mechanisms into the goal setting process that help facilitate successful completion throughout the year.
Presenter: Jon Jeffryes, Grand Valley State University

How We Sustain with Amazon!

A chronological explanation of library and institutional events and activities that led to the Nancy A. McDonough Geschke Library at Marygrove College to begin selling books on Amazon.  As Amazon sellers the library met challenges that coincided with the establishment of procedures, work-flow, processes, and account management.  The objective for profits earned is on-going and focused around increasing the library’s efficiency, environment and supporting the institution’s community through library established events and activities.
Presenter: Theresa Spiteri-Zaidel, Marygrove College

If You Build It, They Will Crash Into It: Data Visualization of a 4-Year Study of Bird-Building Collisions

The presenter recorded all bird-building collisions with the LEED Platinum Certified library for four years, and visualized the data. The purpose of this study was two-fold: 1. To determine if there is a discernible pattern in the bird-building collisions which could inform a solution and  2.To strengthen liaison relationships with the Biology Department by providing museum study skins.
Presenter: Barbara Harvey, Grand Valley State University

Let Them Grow: Planting the Seed for Professional Development through Mentorship

After a new hire drought, Wayne State University Libraries needed to overhaul its onboarding and mentoring for a new crop of librarians and archivists. We implemented a new program in 2017 to boost academic staff growth and cultivate relationships. The budding program has broken down silos as mentors and mentees from different departments communicate and address problems together. The mentors have nurtured the new academic staff, yielding sustainable professional growth in the libraries.
Presenters: Alison Greenlee, Wayne State University
   Michael Priehs, Wayne State University

SPURing into Action: Evolving the Research Consultation into a Career Readiness Engagement

Information literacy skills are essential to building lifelong critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  In Fall 2016 the library research consultation service was incorporated into a newly launched engagement program required of all business majors to develop career readiness competencies.  This project lead to improvements in service logistics and a rise in research consultations.  Outlook on the program and future efforts to integrate the IL Framework into the research consultation will be discussed.
Presenter: LuMarie Guth, Western Michigan University

Staff sustainability through mentorship at Michigan State University Libraries

This poster provides a brief overview of the Michigan State University Libraries’ Mentoring Program, a voluntary professional development program that pairs newer librarians with more experienced colleagues. One mentoring pair’s year-long goals and activities, which mainly focused on shared interests/projects as well as institutional history, climate/culture, and evaluation/tenure procedures, are also described.
Presenters: Lisa Lorenzo, Michigan State University Libraries
   Heidi Schroeder, Michigan State University Libraries

Sustainability through Making: Using Makerspaces for Service Learning

Makerspaces can make a difference by building sustainable connections on and off campus. These relationships allow us to meet the needs of the community through makerspace service learning projects. These projects link experiential and academic work, providing students with the chance to see how their work benefits others.  From holiday wreaths for nursing homes to cat tents for animal rescues, this presentation will discuss how our service learning workshops can benefit students and the community.
Presenters: Jennifer Hicks, Miami University Regionals
  Jessica Long, Miami University Regionals

Sustainable Teaching Strategies from Chemistry Liaison

Chemistry department faculty at the University of Michigan list librarian subject specialized information literacy instruction for upper (under)graduate courses as a primary need and expectation. This poster will outline my discipline-specific instructional offerings in my role as a chemistry liaison and share a range of strategies that can be used by other librarians to sustain their teaching workloads in meeting a high demand for design and delivery of unique and complex instruction.
Presenter: Yulia Sevryugina, University of Michigan

Sustaining Staff Through In-Services

Staff professional development and successful team building are key to sustaining happy employees and excellent patron services. A creative consistent In-Service program can provide engaging professional development and successful team building for a wide variety of employees from part-time assistants to department heads. Learn tips and tricks for establishing a sustainable in-service program to re-energize your staff.  Acquire new ideas that work even on a shoestring budget from presenters who have organized over 25 events.
Presenters: Duane Strojny, Western Michigan University Cooley Law School
   Clare Membiela, Library of Michigan