2018 Annual Conference Presentations

2018 Annual Conference Program Information


A Little Support Goes a Long Way - Supporting Students with a Textbook Reserve Program

With the average undergraduate university student paying $1,250 per year for textbooks and supplies, Oakland University's (OU) Kresge Library initiated a Reserves Textbook Pilot Program to help alleviate textbook costs. The library spent $4,100 to purchase twenty-seven textbooks for many of the general education courses with the highest enrollments. The collection has received high use and much praise from the students. The textbook initiative is one way OU Libraries contributes to student success on campus.
Presenter: Marlene Edge, Oakland University
Session Type:  Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Collections, Course Reserves


Art in the Park: The Culture of Art Acquisition, Exhibition, and Promotion in Central Michigan

The Park Library at Central Michigan University contributes to the sustainability and growth of art and culture through its acquisition, exhibition, and promotion of fine art. In addition to learning about the library environment where art is showcased, this presentation will also discuss art-related outreach efforts and how the art collection at Park Library is built, maintained, promoted, and serves curriculum. Art advocacy initiatives at other Michigan academic libraries will also be discussed.
Presenters: Laura Thompson, Central Michigan University
  Janet Danek, Central Michigan University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Collections, Outreach


Beyond the Checklist: Creating Sustainable Evaluation Practices

We live in a moment where uncertainty has been weaponized to throw many things, from science to politics to history, into doubt. In this environment, the checklist model for evaluating information is inadequate. Using examples from first year writing and medical education, we will suggest alternative activities, lessons, and ideas. Our goal is to create sustainable intellectual practices around source evaluation that will serve students as they switch between academic, professional and personal contexts.
Presenters: Emilia Marcyk, Michigan State University
  Chana Kraus-Friedberg, Michigan State University
Session Type:  Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Critical Librarianship, Instruction & Information Literacy


Bridging the Gap and Easing the Journey: Sustaining Students' Information Literacy Journeys from High School to College.

Academic librarians need to understand where students have been so we can ease the journey from high school research to college information literacy expectations. We will provide background information about teaching library and research skills and concepts in Michigan high schools. By considering a sample of state-approved, freely available, widely used 11th grade research writing assignments alongside college-level information literacy materials (national and local), we will lead a discussion about where the gaps lie.
Presenters: Elizabeth Measell, Grand Valley State University
  Hazel McClure, Grand Valley State University
Session Type: Facilitated Discussion
Topic Tags:  Education & Curriculum, Instruction & Information Literacy


Evolving Academic Library Spaces: Targeted Space Assessment & Longitudinal Data Collection

Vibrant and sustainable learner spaces don't just happen on their own. User-centered space planning catalyzes designs that keep bringing users back through the doors. This presentation outlines space assessment approaches used at Michigan State University and the University of Michigan that can be used simultaneously or as needed. You will leave this presentation ready to implement new techniques whether you are in a stage of incremental space improvement, or embarking on a full-scale redesign.
Presenters: Joshua Sanchez, Michigan State University
  Denise Leyton, University of Michigan
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Assessment & Evaluation, User Experience


Extending the Library Community: Building a Pathway to College through Collaborative Instruction & Mentoring

This presentation describes a collaboration of academic librarians, academic support services employees, and university students to teach critical information literacy skills and cultivate a college-going culture among high school students from historically underrepresented populations. It details the benefits to all participants in the collaboration, including faculty, university students, student support staff, and high school students. Attendees will learn about how the project was conceived, designed, staffed, and incorporated into an instruction librarian workload.
Presenters: Gayle Schaub, Grand Valley State University
  Lindy Scripps-Hoekstra, Grand Valley State University
  Emily Sartorius, Grand Valley State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Instruction & Information Literacy, Outreach


"I don't want to look stupid for asking basic questions": Student usage and perceptions of academic library reference services

This presentation will share results of a study conducted at an academic library of a comprehensive public metropolitan university in northwest Ohio. An 18-item survey with closed and open-ended questions was distributed to students to gather information about usage and perceptions of reference services. Key quantitative and qualitative findings from 235 completed surveys revealed information about students' attitudes toward librarians; usage patterns of reference services; and perceived barriers and facilitators to asking librarians for help.
Presenters: Jodi Jameson, University of Toledo
  Gerald Natal, University of Toledo
  John Napp, University of Toledo
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Instruction & Information Literacy, Research Services or Reference


Imagining the Infinite: Having Powerful Conversations Through Appreciative Inquiry

Framing conversation through an appreciative inquiry frame enables leaders to focus on what to grow, not what is broken. It creates human connections, defines an ideal coherent response, and allow the very act of asking questions to set the change in motion. It shifts the focus from a constellation of problems to overcome to an infinite capacity for imagination and possibility.
Presenters: Annie Belanger, Grand Valley State University
  Jon E. Cawthorne, Wayne State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Leadership, Mid-Level Leadership


Improving and Sustaining Libraries using the Lean Philosophy

Join us to learn how the Lean philosophy of quality and continuous improvement has been successfully applied in our library. We will cover several Lean initiatives that have assisted our staff in standardizing complex processes and have ensured sustainability. These initiatives focused on the university's institutional repository, library communications processes and library events management. Attendees will learn about the benefits of Lean and leave with next steps for starting their own Lean journey.
Presenters:Laurie Stark, Michigan Technological University
  Annelise Doll, Michigan Technological University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Lean & Continuous Improvement, Sustainability


Information Literacy Outreach in a Fake News World

In a 'post-truth' society how do we sustain an informed citizenry, the underpinning of our democracy? What news is 'fake' and which facts are 'alternative'? Crucially, how do we educate students to evaluate the information they encounter in a variety of contexts and disciplines? How can librarians take the lead in teaching that 'authority is constructed and contextual'? This session offers some ideas culled from outreach and contact opportunities around campus during the last year.
Presenter: Debbie Morrow, Grand Valley State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Instruction & Information Literacy, Outreach


Library analytics case study: informing and transforming library instruction programs

Library analytics offers us another method to further engage in assessing our impact on learning. At the University of Michigan, we scoped an experiment around existing data from the library instruction request system and the University data warehouse. What we learned has direct implications for our program planning (demographics, sequencing, curriculum development), resource allocation, and delivery of library instruction. This session will provide an overview of our experiment, the challenges, our methodology, and highlight results
Presenters: Doreen Bradley, University of Michigan
  Laurie Alexander, University of Michigan
  Theresa Stanko University of Michigan
  Meghan Oster, University of Michigan
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Assessment & Evaluation, Instruction & Information Literacy


Longevity in Project Management: A Case Study at Ferris State University

As libraries take on larger, more complicated projects, identifying and implementing project management methodologies that fit into a library's culture becomes paramount. In this session, librarians at Ferris State University will discuss how they have blended project management methods to overhaul their web presence, how they plan to use these methods for future projects, and how teaching these skills to colleagues has changed the conversation in the library.
Presenters:Sela Constan-Wahl, Ferris State University
  Gary Maixner, Ferris State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Leadership, Web Development & Design


Mapping the Virtual Motor City Collection: Exploring Detroit's Architectural History and Beyond

The Virtual Motor City collection consists of digitized photographs from the Detroit News archives. This presentation will discuss an ongoing project to: 1) identify, geolocate, and describe photographs in the collection, and 2) create a digital map of those photographs. Many of the tools I used are freely available, and all others were available through my institution's collection.
Presenter:Clayton Hayes, Wayne State University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Collections, Web Development & Design


Mind the Gap! Sustaining Support from High School to Academic Libraries

The researchers visited each high school library in one county in the Appalachian Ohio region. The researchers explored the physical space, resources, and experiences available to high school students through semi-structured interviews with the teacher librarians at each location. The presentation identifies opportunities to bridge the gap between the K12 and post-secondary environment to help sustain student success.
Presenters: Katy Mathuews, Ohio University
  Zachary Lewis, Shawnee State University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Education & Curriculum, Outreach


Planting the seeds of sustainability

The Washtenaw Community College Sustainability Council and Bailey Library have collaborated to establish a Seed Library where students, staff, and the community can start their own garden, learn about seed sowing, and protect open-pollinated and unique seed varieties. The Seed Library has become a place to educate the community about gardening, seed stewardship, and healthy eating. This presentation will focus on the steps taken to start a seed library, usage patterns, lessons learned, and collaborations.
Presenter: Sandra McCarthy, Washtenaw Community College
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Outreach, Resource Sharing


Queering the Academic Library: Supporting LGBTQ+ Patrons and Allies

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Whether visible or not, every campus has its share of LGBTQ+ patrons and possibly staff. Come learn what each of these letters mean, as well as ways to make your library welcoming, responsive and empowering for LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff and other campus stakeholders. Presenter will discuss collection development, outreach & liaison work, programming, and other methods of support.
Presenters: Angie Kelleher, Alma College
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Critical Librarianship, Outreach


Re: Structuring, Organizing, Inventing, and Imagining Technical Services

Western Michigan University Libraries migrated to the cloud in 2015 with a new integrated library system (ILS) and discovery layer. In 2016, the Libraries began discussing a complete reorganization. This presentation will outline the changes that occurred in WMU's Technical Services Department as a result of the ILS migration and new overall organizational structure in the Libraries, and how technical services faculty and staff have adapted and seized the opportunity to reinvent the department.
Presenters: Geri Rinna, Western Michigan University
  Marianne Swierenga, Western Michigan University
  Emily Gross, Western Michigan University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Technical Services, Reorganization


Rooting for Success: Growing and Sustaining an Embedded Online Course Support Librarian Program

In this session, the librarians at SVSU will review and provide specific examples of how we have developed, grown and sustained an embedded online course support librarian program. We will discuss our best practices, marketing, collaboration with faculty members, and the outcomes it has had in our relationships with students. We will also discuss the measurable results we have seen and provide practical techniques for a successful, sustainable embedded online course support librarian program.
Presenters: Michelle Strasz, Saginaw Valley State University
  Matthew Buckley, Saginaw Valley State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Distance or Online Learning, Research Services or Reference


Something Creative Here: An Arts-Informed Discussion of Sustainability in Academic Libraries

Sponsored by the MiALA Fine Arts Interest Group, this panel will engage with issues of sustainability as informed by an arts-focused perspective. Individual panelists will present case studies from music collection development, an interdisciplinary information literacy assignment anchored in the music department, and an embedded qualitative research project with choreographers in order to discuss how the arts can inform a more diverse understanding of sustainability in academic libraries.
Presenters: Jessica Hronchek, Hope College
  Grace Haynes, Michigan State University
  Kathy DeMey, Calvin College
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tag:  Arts


Sustainability Startup: Growing Green Library Projects Using an Entrepreneurial Business Model   

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Developing an environmentally sustainable library initiative is in many ways similar to creating an entrepreneurial startup project. As such, entrepreneurship mental mapping tools are also effective project planning aids. In this hands-on workshop, attendees will be able to build a custom plan to implement an initiative in library sustainability using a modified Business Model Canvas as a project management tool.
Presenters: Eric Tans, Michigan State University
  Sarah Klimek, Michigan State University
  Terence O'Neill, Michigan State University
Session Type: Workshop
Topic Tag:  Sustainability


Sustainable Approaches to the Framework: Information Literacy and Active Learning in the Disciplines

In disciplinary information literacy, the framework often feels like an unsustainable model, particularly during the one-shot. This presentation will cover the practical implications of introducing active learning into the disciplinary information literacy one-shot. In particular, the presentation will discuss ways that specific frames can be leveraged with a jigsaw instruction method while still covering the number of databases and techniques necessary for an upper level undergraduate course.
Presenter: Carin Graves, Michigan State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tag:  Instruction & Information Literacy


Sustainable Assessment of Student Learning in Library Instruction

In this presentation, hear how librarians at SVSU incorporated sustainable assessment into a redesign of our one-shot instruction sessions for our first-year writing courses. We will discuss our learning outcomes, how each outcome was assessed and changes we made based on evidence collected. We will also discuss how we communicated impact to the First Year Writing Program Coordinator and provide practical tips on how to create a sustainable assessment program at your library.
Presenters: Ashley Blinstrub, Saginaw Valley State University
 Catherine Curtis, Saginaw Valley State University
 Kathleen Kroll, Saginaw Valley State University
Session Type:  Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Assessment & Evaluation, Instruction & Information Literacy


Sustainable cataloging: the Calvin Prison Initiative, project management, and sustainability

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Tasked with cataloging, processing, and organizing the 4000+ book collection that supports the students of the Calvin Prison Initiative program, the Hekman Library looked for a long-term solution. Employing good cataloging and project management principles, we used several strategies to meet our goals. This presentation will look at this project as an example of sustainability in action and the presenter will share the challenges and opportunities encountered along the way.
Presenter: Francene Lewis, Calvin College
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Cataloging & Metadata, Collections


Sustaining Partnerships: What Librarians Can Learn from (and with!) Writing Faculty Partners

Many academic librarians work with writing faculty, but how can we develop these partnerships into a broader and deeper range of collaborations? How can we partner with writing faculty to sustain our shared work, meet common challenges, and draw on shared goals? This panel will explore deep collaborations with writing faculty in three areas: designing cross-departmental programs and assessment; developing classroom pedagogy, materials, and assignments; and pursuing cross-disciplinary research and scholarship.
Presenters: Sarah Kolk, Calvin College
  Hazel McClure, Grand Valley State University
  Beth Wallis, Oakland University
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tags:  Assessment & Evaluation, Instruction & Information Literacy


Tapping Into Student Passion: Innovative Assignment Creation with Faculty/Library/Archives Collaboration

Looking for a creative collaborative faculty-librarian assignment? Tap into student passions with a persuasive paper about changes they want on campus! Required: scholarly sources and historical campus background. Two English faculty, the University Archivist, and an Instruction Librarian will discuss how student energy, research, and archival materials create an assignment that really works. Each presenter adds a unique slant to this hands-on process. Suggest this contemporary twist on a classic assignment to your own faculty.
Presenters: Kristy Motz, Ferris State University
  Melinda Isler, Ferris State University
  Sarah Rescoe, Ferris State University
  Melissa Smith, Ferris State University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Instruction & Information Literacy, Faculty-Librarian Collaboration


"The mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming...": Providing research support and instruction to high-enrollment programs

Managing the duties of an academic liaison librarian can be a challenge especially when the liaison departments have high student enrollments. Two librarians from separate comprehensive Michigan universities assigned to the schools of Health Sciences and Nursing, representing ~4,000 students per semester, will present a myriad of strategies used to provide instruction and research support both in-person and online, including student perceptions of the various methods and tips for busy librarians to remain sane.
Presenters: Julia E. Rodriguez, Oakland University
  Elizabeth Bucciarelli, Eastern Michigan University
Session Type: Full Presentation
Topic Tags:  Distance or Online Learning, Instruction & Information Literacy


Welcoming Student Input: Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Communication Through Student Advisory Boards

Library Student Advisory Boards offer a platform for students to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the library. While student advisory boards serve a similar purpose, each institution implements them a little differently. Jessica Shuck of Cornerstone University and Brenna Wade of Hillsdale College will share how their institutions have implemented their own types of student advisory boards, as well as the lessons that they have learned throughout the process.
Presenters: Brenna Wade, Hillsdale College
  Jessica Shuck, Cornerstone University
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tags:  Outreach, User Experience


"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?": OER and Sustainability through Community

Community colleges are working together with Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) to build a shared OER network and community of practice. MCO has provided funding and leadership for a grant program and an annual OER summit which has given community colleges a boost towards OER adoption and creation. Panel members will speak about how this cooperative effort is helping sustain and expand OER adoption on their campuses.
Presenters: Tina Ulrich, Northwestern Michigan College
  Michele Pratt, Delta College
  Regina Gong, Lansing Community College
  Kendra Lake, St. Clair County Community College
  Ronda Edwards, Michigan Colleges Online
Session Type: Panel Presentation
Topic Tags:  Leadership, Open Educational Resources


"You Are Welcome Here!": Academic libraries sustaining inclusive communities in a time of political and social divisiveness

After hearing stories of minority and international students feeling insecure about their physical safety and their place in the university in this time of political and social divisiveness, the Libraries created a sticky note Welcome Board to help sustain our community's cohesion. Patrons communicated through anonymous messages of concern, hope, and encouragement. This session will describe this project, the overwhelmingly positive response from library patrons, and other ways libraries can sustain their diverse communities.
Presenters: Dianna Sachs, Western Michigan University
  Carrie Leatherman, Western Michigan University
Session Type: Mini-Presentation
Topic Tags:  Critical Librarianship, Outreach