The Advocacy Committee is charged with developing an advocacy strategy for our association, providing a framework for advocacy now and into the future. 

Michigan's public, school, academic and special libraries are connected, serving each citizen at various points in his/ her life. Therefore, it's important for libraries of all types to support each other, especially in times when outside support becomes more limited-- as is the case for Michigan school libraries.

From our founding in 2014, MI-ALA has expressed a commitment to support efforts statewide to advocate for all types of Michigan libraries. This support could include:
* contributing funds to support major advocacy campaigns and efforts alongside other associations and groups within the state
* contributing some MI-ALA member volunteer time toward statewide advocacy efforts
* establishing more formal relationships with other library advocacy- minded organizations
* and more ideas that you, MI-ALA member and potential Advocacy Task Force volunteer, bring to the table.

Working together with Michigan's other library communities, MI-ALA can contribute to ensuring library services for our citizens’ lifelong learning.

If you are interested in serving on the advocacy committee, click here to fill out the committee volunteer form.

2016-2017 Advocacy Committee Members

Clayton Hayes (chair)
Wayne State University

Barbara Begin Campbell
Oakland University

Stephanie Davis
Jackson College

Rachel Minkin
Michigan State University

Terence O'Neill
Michigan State University

Corinne Thompson
Siena Heights University

Tom Volkening
Michigan State University

Board Liaison - Beth Martin